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Published Jan 28, 23
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Photo: amazon. com, There are few moments as pleasurable as sinking into a massage chair, especially after a long day. Massage chairs bring home the restful experience of a massage, kneading tired muscles at the push of a button. While these kinds of chairs offer the promise of rest, there are a variety of options and features, so finding the best home massage chair for your needs can feel overwhelming.

Read on for some important features to consider in a massage chair and explore the best massage chairs for unwinding at home. Photo: There are several key features to consider when shopping for a massage chair. Some inexpensive massage chairs provide little more than vibration and warmth, while higher-end models offer zero-gravity, full-body massage programs.

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Massage chairs can target various areas of the body. The simplest ones usually target the back, while premium chairs may also offer head, neck, leg, foot, arm, and hand massage options. Vibration pads, air bags, massage heads, and rollers are placed throughout the chair to create the massaging functions. A higher-quality chair will have tracks that allow massaging nodes to travel and provide a better massage.

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Common massage track types include: massage chairs conform to the natural S-curve of the spine, starting at the neck through to the lower lumbar region. S-tracks are shortest, but because of their shape, they can allow users to lay out flatter, which can provide better spine stretching and decompression. extend further than S-tracks, starting at the neck and going past the lower back to the glutes or hamstrings.

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These massage chairs provide a better full-body massage. have the range of an L-track, spanning from the neck to the legs. Since they’re paired with a recliner feature to help users lay out, they also incorporate the back stretching and decompressing features of an S-track. For this reason, some brands call these massage chairs SL-track chairs.

Many massage chairs offer a variety of massage types, created using vibrating, kneading, tapping, knocking, and compressing movements. Massage chairs can mimic popular massage types, like Swedish, shiatsu, percussion, or deep-tissue massage. Massage type can depend on the roller heads, which include 2D, 3D, and 4D rollers. heads only move horizontally and vertically, and some have basic depth controls.

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include all the movements of a 3D roller, plus variations in rhythm and speed to best mimic the variations of a human masseuse. 3D and 4D chairs will offer more variation and massage types than 2D chairs, but they often come with a higher price tag. Massage programs offer a preset combination, varying the massage type and location for a more relaxing experience.

Programs take the thought out of choosing each massage function and reduce repetitiveness so users can fully relax. Easy-to-control settings can be important in a massage chair—users are there to relax, not scroll through menus or search for buttons. One-touch buttons, touch screens, remotes, and voice controls can help improve user-friendliness.

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The best chair massager models often offer a recline option for increased comfort. Reclining angle can range from 100 degrees to just past 180 degrees, offering reclined comfort or a small inversion to stretch the spine. Some chairs stop on specific recline angles, while others give the option to stop anywhere along the recline range.

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This recline feature leans the body back into a neutral position to create a sense of weightlessness and take pressure off the spine, promoting relaxation. Some massage chairs include multiple zero-gravity reclining angles to suit different users. One of the most common extra features is a function to heat the back, seat, or even along the entire length of the massage chair.

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Chairs can also include built-in music systems, USB chargers, light therapy, air ionizers, and smart connectivity to enhance user experience. Some premium massage chairs have a body-scan feature, which uses sensors to map out the shape of the back and adjust the chair to the user. At its most basic level, these chairs offer shoulder height detection to ensure rollers don’t massage past the neck.

An aesthetically pleasing appearance is another aspect to consider. Massage chairs can be made from a range of materials and in a range of sizes and colors. Since these chairs are an investment, look for an option that suits your space and materials that typically wear well with use. The following massage chairs deliver on their relaxation promises, vibrating, kneading, rolling, and warming on command to soothe tired muscles.